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My (so called) creative side...

This is one of the poems I wrote for school (a haiku poem):

Something is falling, falling down
Falling down from the sky. Oh my!
Now it's in my eye!

Okay, I know that poem stinks, but it did take some creativity to think up that poem.

I can also play the guitar. I'm better at playing the guitar than writing poems. I've been playing for 6 years.

He he he..look at the little dancing guy....anyways...I obviously am not an artist. If I was an artist, my creations would be on this website.

Here's a poem I wrote a few months ago for my literature class:


Where I sat was next to her bed

Her eyes were yellow; bald was her head

Her hand was limp; her skin was cold

She was still alive, still strong and bold

Thoughts were spinning throughout my mind

When I was told she wouldn't survive

I wanted to help; she was in so much pain

The tumor had spread to my mother's brain

First we were told she had a month to live

Several days later a week they did give

My brother and father were sitting there, too

Sitting around my mother in our living room

The only sound was the oxygen machine

Taking each breath for her, helping her breathe

Each breath was a slow and painful wheeze

The nurse said her hearing would be the last sense to cease

So we should talk to her; our voices heard may be the last

But I couldn't speak; only my tears were cast

Her breaths decreased as I carefully watched

Until the moment her breathing stopped

What I was thinking that moment I cannot remember

All I recall is that it was the month of December

Here's an incomplete poem:

Autumn snaps its fingers

And puts summer to sleep

Summer sets his rays

On the frigid autumn leaves

The wonders of the seasons

Provoke thoughts of the past

Moments lost forever

In the bottomless pit of time