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Here I put some info and pictures of my pets

Some sad news:
About a year ago, one of my turtles died. I had been slightly neglectful to my turtles, and she wasn't eating whenever I remembered to feed them. I felt so badly because I knew it was my fault that she died.

Aww...he's eating the Christmas cute...
Garfield in our Christmas tree.


Here's a picture of my cat, Squeaky.


Here's Xena and Garfield.


Here's another one of my cats, Gigi.


Here's one of my other cats, Garfield.


Here's a picture of Xena.

In all, I have 4 cats, 2 turtles (both box turtles and their names are Leonardo and Raphael), and my brother has a tarantula(Hairy).

If you have any questions about my pets, feel free to e-mail me.