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Melissa's Totally Bodaciously
Awesome Website

Hey!!! This is a page about moi (that's "me" in French).
"Tu ne parles pas français? Oh la la!"
Soon I might actually put something here!!!!

Click here to see my other website (It's much better than this one!!!!!)

Obviously, my name is Melissa. I live in Illinois. I'm 16 and I've been playing the guitar for about seven years. That's all I can think of for now.

This is an ant, sitting on his butt. Some days he sits on his butt for hours upon hours, letting the other ants do all the work. Some people (and ants) would say he is lazy. But the truth is that this ant thinks he's a penguin, in which case it would be OK to sit on his tookus all day while the other ants (or penguins, in his world) scurry around securing food for the winter.

You already know my name, so what else can I tell you?'s a picture of one of my cats.

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